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Hey there! My name is Cade Brown, and I’m a developer, I specialize in numerical programming, Programming Language Theory (PLT), and audio/video/signal processing.

This is my personal blog, where I post about maths, programming, music, and other happenings around the world. I hope you enjoy!


MAGMA (Matrix Algebra on GPU and Many-core Architectures)

  • This is my current (as of Jan 2020) project, which I have been given the task of porting to AMD GPUs (right now, it relies on NVIDIA).
  • This is my largest project, in terms of reach, and will be a large part of the Frontier HPC system, which will only have AMD GPUs.

See MAGMA for more information

“Know It All”, an A.I. writer

Demonstration of “Know It All”, an A.I. writer

  • This was my, along with Jakob Liggett’s, submission to VolHacks IV, in which an AI model trained on internet text posts “completes” your thoughts.

You can see the (currently in a somewhat-messy state) source here.

SimpleSummit, a distributed computing project

  • Check out our website, here: https://simplesummit.github.io/
  • I did all the software for this, which included writing a fractal explorer which ran on 8 different machines at once, which communicated in real time over a network to produce an image around 30 frames per second.
  • This was a main project I worked on during my internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), for my 11th and 12th grade summers.

Check out our ORNL article here: SimpleSummit


Additionally, for reference, here is my (approximate) employment record:

Research Assistant @ ICL (Summer 2019 - Present)

Since I’ve started attending UTK, I’ve worked at ICL (Innovative Computing Laboratory). Within ICL, I work under Dr. Stan Tomov in the Linear Algebra (LA) division. Our task has been porting and accelerating common LA operations on the new AMD HIP/ROCm stack.

Intern @ ORNL (Summer 2016 - Summer 2017)

For 2 summers, I worked as an intern at ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratory). There, I helped write SimpleSummit (https://simplesummit.github.io/), including the fractal rendering program, the website

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