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Implementing {Zeta, Gamma} Functions From Scratch

In developing my language, kscript, I wanted to have the Riemann Zeta Function and Gamma Function available as part of the standard library. So, I implemented it! We program a code generator in Python, which generates C code, which can then be used in another project with no dependencies.

Posted 2020-08-05

Why Schools Should Use Free Software

Schools should use free software because it enables further education, and critical thinking. This article is about the pros and cons of free software, such as GNU/Linux, and how this software should be used or at least supported in education. I go to the L&N STEM Academy, but not previously noted is the fact that we are a “1 to 1” technology school. What this means is that each student has a laptop. More s...

Posted 2016-12-26
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