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Jekyll Project:

Recently, i’ve been cleaning house on old projects and websites – and i realized i wanted to get this blog going as a technical blog. What better way than by making a blog post about the blog itself? The full source code for my website is available on GitHub, and hosted at


The guide for actually setting this up is located in the readme on GitHub. This blog post just covers some of the features

You can also check _config.yml, it includes comments describing most of the settings.


The goal of this project is to have a clean, fast, and easy-to-modify blog that other people can use for theirs. this jekyll template has:


I include 3 themes by default:


chalkboard is my default theme, which is a dark theme with a modern, solarized look:

chalkboard theme


whiteboard is basically the light version of chalkboard, and might be the default for most people (that think light themes are tolerable)

whiteboard theme


1337 (leet) shows how versatile you can make the themes, including tiling image backgrounds, and a terminal-esque experience

1337 theme