SMCEFR Dataset (Data Challenge)

SMCEFR Dataset (Data Challenge)

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I was asked to sponsor a dataset for ORNL’s Smoky Mountain Conference, in addition to posing a number of challenge questions. Then, researchers of all levels (undergrad to post-grad and beyond) were invited to investigate the dataset and write papers about their findings.

In order to do that, I chose to collect and process data from the Sentinel-3 satellite missions, which is basically a bird’s eye view of the Earth from space. The data is freely available, and I wrote a script to download it and process it into a format that is easy to work with. You can see the source code here: cadebrown/smcefr

You can see the full dataset description and problems here: TL;DR:

I am also a reviewer and judge for the papers, so I will be reading and grading them.

TODO: update this post with results.