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Hi! I’m Cade Brown, a software developer interested in machine learning, High Performance Computing (HPC), and programming language design

This is my CV, which contains my polished and published work. Please also check out the following links:


Design, Optimization, and Benchmarking of Dense Linear Algebra Algorithms on AMD GPUs, Cade Brown, A. Abdelfattah, S. Tomov, and J. Dongarra, 2020 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference, September 2020.

TL;DR: We port the MAGMA library to AMD GPUs, got 60x faster for some BLAS, and 73% faster for Eigenvalue problems

Online PDF

SLATE Port to AMD and Intel Platforms, A. Abdelfattah, M. Farhan, Cade Brown, M. Gates, D. Sukkari, A. YarKhan, J. Dongarra, Innovative Computing Laboratory, April 2021.

TL;DR: We implement routines for the SLATE library on new AMD and Intel platforms. This is just a tech report publication

Online PDF


Innovative Computing Laboratory

Research Assistant in HPC, ML (2019-Present in Knoxville, TN, US)

I am currently working as a student researcher with Stan Tomov, Jack Dongarra, and Piotr Luszczek in various areas, including High Performance Computing (HPC) and Machine Learning (ML/AI).

PAIRS Laboratory

Research Assistant in HCI, PLT (2021-2022 in Knoxville, TN, US)

I worked as a research assistant to Austin Henley for a period of time at the PAIRS lab, which was a short-lived Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) lab that focused on developer efficiency and program analysis.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Research Assistant in HPC, distributed computing (2017-2018 in Oak Ridge, TN, US)

I worked as an intern as a part of the SimpleSummit project. I wrote the interactive simulation software, and assisted with the physical fabrication of the prototype.


NOTE: These are just my polished, released projects. For all my personal projects, check out my timeline:


I wrote kscript (, which is a dynamic programming language with support for tensors, math routines, graphics and more. It has an online repl: and documentation:

Cade Andgreg’s RISC-V Emulator

I worked on a team to design and implement a web-based IDE for RISC-V programming and debugging:

Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

I made various contributions to sequences and discussions, as a hobby interest of mine