This page contains links to programming projects that you can use or read about:

MAGMA @ ICL: Matrix Algebra on GPU and Multicore Architectures

I was a student researcher working on MAGMA, a library for dense linear algebra on GPUs and multicore CPUs

Check out the paper I wrote about it: (co-authored with Jack Dongarra, Turing Award winner) an online RISC-V web IDE and emulator

Written by Cade Brown and Gregory Croisdale, using C/C++, HTML/CSS/JS, WebAssembly, and RISC-V a dynamic scripting language for the web

Runs in your browser, check it out!

Written by Cade Brown, using C/C++, HTML/CSS/JS, WebAssembly, LLVM, GMP, FFTW

fractalexplorer: a realtime distributed fractal explorer

Written as part of my internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which aimed to demonstrate how GPUs and multiple compute nodes can be used to render fractals in realtime

Written by Cade Brown, using C/C++, CUDA, SDL, MPI

Check out the video demo, here;

Blok: a 3D minecraft-style game from scratch

I wrote this to learn the theory of random terrain generation, voxel rendering, and computer graphics

Written by Cade Brown, using C/C++, GLFW, OpenGL

mycc: a C compiler using LLVM

Compiles a subset of C and generates code using LLVM, including a few examples on the github

Written by Cade Brown, using C/C++, LLVM