My Integer Sequence (A267263)

by Cade Brown <>

Number of nonzero digits in representation of n in primorial base.

While working on a hobby project of mine that searched for prime generating polynomials, I was testing out different data structures for efficient primality testing. One such data-structure was a hash set based on Wheel Factorization of polynomial coefficients.

Ultimately I decided to go with a simpler approach of binary searching a prime sieve. But, in implementing and evaluating complexity of the wheel factorization scheme, I ran across an interesting function: the number of nonzero digits in the representation of a number in the primorial base. This measurement is useful for determining the complexity of a number, going through levels of wheel factorization.

Being the curious person I am, I decided to look up this function in the OEIS, and found that it was not there. So, I decided to add it myself: That page contains some sample code, and connections to other integer sequences already on OEIS.

It’s not much, but when it was first approved I felt extremely proud that I had contributed to the OEIS. I hope to add more sequences in the future.