Blok (Part 1)

This post is about Blok, a Minecraft-style 3D game, written in C++ with OpenGL.

I hope to keep my blog updated with my progress as it develops! I’ve spent the last 3 days programming an early demo, and now I am writing it from scratch, documenting all my progress and decisions. Time to delve in!

You can find all the source for this here: Blok

EZC & RPN Basics

This post is about Polish Notation, Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), and my programming language EZC. It is a programming language that is written in RPN syntax, and generally short syntax. Although most people have difficulty understanding at first, it makes some thing simpler, and some things more beautiful. For example, there are no parentheses required in EZC.

It is also entirely stack based (i.e. everything happens on the stack). Read on to find out more!

Schools should use free software because it enables further education, and critical thinking.

This article is about the pros and cons of free software, such as GNU/Linux, and how this software should be used or at least supported in education.

I go to the L&N STEM Academy, but not previously noted is the fact that we are a “1 to 1” technology school.

What this means is that each student has a laptop. More specifically, we each have a MacBook Air.

While I do appreciate the gift of the computer, they have restricted the installation and usage of programs, and most notably FOSS programs. This means they have given a free of price computer, but not a free speech computer. (If you aren’t sure what I mean, please see Gratis vs. Libre and What is Free Software?).

While free software is ideal, the best solution for educational institutes is that users be able to choose from a large number of supported system.

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