Some of my timeline can be found under notes

You can view a formal resume here

But, here is a (possibly incomplete) list of activities:

Other projects without dates can be found there.

I started developing using Win7/10, but around Jan 2016 I moved to Ubuntu, and as of July 2016, I’ve been using GNU/Linux exclusively for development (on my own machine, I use a school macbook as a laptop).

Here’s a timeline of awards/achievements/things I’ve done:

  • 2015
    • Came to the L&N STEM Academy
    • Joined L&N STEMpunks website
  • 2016
    • Became programming leader in STEMpunks
    • Won $5000 for the FRC #3966 in Microsoft “ImagineThis” challenge
    • Wrote PGS, and ran on the UTK’s computer cluster Newton
    • Became L&N STEMpunks lead of programming
  • 2017
  • 2018
    • Placed 2nd at the Tennessee High School Ethics Bowl competition.
    • Competed in CodeTN with th!nk
    • Administration of the L&N STEM Academy’s 3D printers (includes scheduling prints, maintenance, etc)
    • Placed as “Reserve Grand Champion” at the SASEF science fair with my project: Software Techniques for Rendering Fractals, and I won a trip to participate in the Intel science fair in Pittsburgh.
    • Won the “Superintendent’s” special award at the SASEF science fair (750$ award)
    • Won the “Intel” special award at SASEF science fair (200$ award)
    • Was an FRC “Dean’s List” semi-finalist for the 2017-2018 season
    • Participated in a 12 week research program at ORNL as Lead Software Developer for the OLCF’s SimpleSummit cluster computer project.