I was lead programmer on FRC3966 L&N STEMpunks, I’ve written most of the code, and managed the programming website.

Music Projects

I have produced music for myself (look up “Cade Brown” on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc), and groups (check out the band RUN! RUN! RUN!, I’ve produced all of their music). I do different styles of production based on what genre the artist (which is sometimes myself) wants to make.

ORNL Projects

Here is an explanation of what I did at my ORNL internship.


SimpleSummit is meant to replace Tiny Titan and be the analog to ORNL’s new super computer, Summit.

Essentially, it is a collection of Jetson TX2 computers which work in parallel to process tasks on the CPU and GPUs. Our main distributed program is fractalexplorer, which is similar to my fractalrender project (I wrote both).

Programming/Coding Projects

These are (mostly) written by me alone


A fractal render program. Now, rewritten in C, OpenCL, and hopefully CUDA in the near future.

Supports default double type, but also supports GMP ,MPFR, and MPC for arbitrary precision and zoom (using -e).

See more: fractalrender

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