(Also see the post on ChemicalDevelopment’s website).

Today I released the Lizards album, which has the songs:

  1. ChemicalDevelopment Anthem
  2. Lizardcrats
  3. (I’m in Love With a) Lizard
  4. 2D Girl
  5. Bee Stung
  6. Wild Ride
  7. Innsmouth March (Chase Mix)
  8. I Want It
  9. Thumbs Up
  10. Hubert House
  11. Gut Feeling

The songs “Hubert House” and “Gut Feeling” are DEVO songs I cover, but all the others are my original composition. All other songs’ instrument parts were generated with software (LMMS).

My vocals are present in “ChemicalDevelopment Anthem”, “Lizardcrats”, “(I’m in Love with a) Lizard”, “2D Girl”, “Hubert House”, and “Gut Feeling”.

You can listen to them on SoundCloud here.

You can listen on YouTube here.

You can download source materials (songs, art, booklet, print-your-own supplies, etc) from the release on GitHub.

And now on Spotify, here