As noted in this article, Fox News is spinning data about wasted food stamps.

(here’s an archive of Fox’s article in case they delete it)

Perhaps the saddest part is Fox’s article’s dishonest information.

For example, they say “70 million of taxpayer money was wasted in 2016 due to food stamp fraud”. While that’s true, nowhere in the article is the total amount spent on food stamps, or the percent that is fraudulent mentioned. Now, when people hear this they hear that food stamps are stealing their money!

While this is true, it’s just out of context numbers that sound large. If you gave a friend 100$ to spend on food, and he spends 9 cents on fraudulent charges, you wouldn’t be that angry, right? And if he really needs the money, it would be wrong to cut him off, right?

Even this is a bit misleading, because not every recipient of SNAP does a small amount of fraudulent purchases, rather it is a very small minority who commit most of the frauds.