How I Do My Computing

(a la Stallman’s computing page)

My Setup

I use two computers primarily: My desktop and my laptop.

My desktop consists of:

  • GIGABYTE GA-990FXA Motherboard
  • AMD FX-8350 CPU
  • AMD MSI r9 390x
  • Crucial 240GiB 2.5in SSD
  • 2x Corsair 8 GiB ram sticks @ 1600 MHz
  • Corsair 750M Power Supply
  • Cooler master H212 EVO

I run Ubuntu 14.04 on this machine, mainly due to driver issues with AMD GPU hardware. (just google: fglrx/AMDGPU).

My suggestion to new users: Pick NVIDIA GTX 1070 for use with Ubuntu. Much easier to configure, and about the same (or perhaps even better) performance per dollar.

I run Ubuntu mainly, although I have used FreeBSD and Fedora on it. I dislike Fedora’s package manager, and the lack of application search. FreeBSD is good for some things, but I far prefer GNU/Linux.

MacOS is usable (as my school requires it, read more here: Why Schools Should Use Free Software, and Open Letter to the L&N STEM Academy), but I have to use scripts to install my development tools locally without requiring administrator access, and this is suboptimal.