Science Fair 2018

I competed in the SASEF (a science fair) with my project, “Software Techniques for Rendering Fractals”.

I won the “Reserve Grand Champion” spot, as well as two special awards (“Superintendent’s Award” and the “Intel” special award).

World Record

The L&N STEM Academy accepted a world record today, for the “largest computer programming lesson”.

Here’s the award up close:

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The Red Badge of Courage

I read The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. Although I think it misses the concept that religion is man-made (Crane thinks that religion is what separates man from beast), this book brings up very valid criticisms of the assumed respect we have for soldiers, and the implication that their motives for fighting are more important than the ability to fight itself.

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Slaughterhouse Five

Slaughterhouse Five is one of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut novels. It has some good arguments advocating for pacificism, and, in general, how most wars are unjustified.

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ORNL Internship (part 0)

On 2017-05-22, I started my internship at ORNL (Oak Ridge National Labratory) (, where I have been learning about programming, filesystems, and other aspects of HPC.

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Open Letter to the L&N STEM Academy

Our school is banning installation of Linux and other non-macOS operating systems on our school mac airs. I personally disagree with this, and I intend to explain my thinking.

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